Sunrise Travels | Holidays: Complaints & Redressal policy

It is our endeavor to provide the best travel services to our esteemed guest to make there holiday a memorable one. We consistently try to improve and fine tune our services based on customer feedback to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Hotels, tours and travel services are service sector oriented services. In-spite of taking utmost care to provide the best services as per travel plans offered you may feel there is deficiency of service and feel unsatisfied with a particular service.

Sunrise Travels and Sunrise Holidays is committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of our customers or potential customers and to resolving any complaint/s you may have as quickly as possible.

The following are the generic problems which you may face.

Unable to take food at the hotel due to late check-in / early check-out

For customers who have taken packages with breakfast and dinner. General timings for breakfast are 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM and dinner  8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Kindly ask the hotel management directly if they are able to provide food at other timings. Hotels may refuse to provide food at odd hours and Sunrise Travels and Sunrise Holidays will not be held liable for this.

Sometimes due to travel delays customers are not able to reach the destination hotel on time and check-in at late night hours. If you are getting late do plan to take food on the way and let us know immediately  and we will reimburse the food component for that specific occasion.

Similarly if you are checking out early morning without breakfast kindly intimate us the previous night and we will reimburse the food component for that specific occasion.

Food not satisfactory

As guests come from all parts of India having diverse food choices there may be occasions that the food is not in accordance to our liking. Kindly let us know about this immediately, we will reimburse the food component for that occasion and remove the food component from the package tour for remaining days and reimburse that.

Hotel room  / service not satisfactory

If the unlikely event like this occurs, it is of utmost importance that you make immediate contact with the hotel management who is in the best position to assist you and who will usually be able to resolve the matter on the spot. This ensures that you receive urgent and timely assistance allowing you to continue to enjoy your stay with a minimum of fuss.

If the complaint is not resolved kindly contact us and we will try to resolve the complaint. Complaint redressal may include change of hotel room / change of hotel / partial to full refund for stay for that particular night if complaint not resolved.

Unable to see tourist spots due to bad weather / snowfall

All sight seeing places are covered as per mutual discussions. Drivers may suggest alternate tourist sports depending upon prevailing weather conditions, but it is at your sole discretion to take the final decision.  In the winters during snowfall roads become slippery and vehicles skid and the driver may not be able to reach / show designated spots considering the safety of the guest and the vehicle. At that point of time you may see other vehicles going forward. (four by four vehicles / SUV / vehicles with chains and snow gear) In this scenario we advise the guests to take their own decision and if they move forward with some other similar vehicle at their own risk and we will reimburse the amount spent. We will reimburse the amount for similar type of vehicles only and not for four by four vehicles / SUV / vehicles with chains and snow gear. Sometimes we land into tricky situations and cannot risk the lives of clients so we leave on them to decide. Money is a secondary issue in this case.

If you face any other problem kindly bring that to our notice immediately and will be will provide the best possible solution.

Any complaint made on the last day of travel for any previous date will not be entertained.

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